Skyros is the largest island of Sporades and ideal for a quiet holiday. An island especially for sophisticated vacations and alternately for family holidays.
Skyros is the southernmost island of the Northern Sporades, situated in the east of Evia, is the largest island of the archipelago and looks like two islands in one. It is separated by the narrowest point by Achilli at the East, to Kalamistra at the West.
            According to Greek mythology, Thetis, the goddess mother of Achilles, had sent his son to Skyros, not to take part in the Trojan campaign to verify the prophecy of his death. As for the story, many pass through here: Achilles, Odysseus, Neoptolemus These, the Athenian Kimon, Nicephore Phocas, St. Athanasius, Gkizi Xairentin Barbarossa. A large part is mountainous and the climate is characterized by cool summers and mild winters with little rainfall. The capital is Skyros or Chora, located on the East Coast. It is 10 km from Linaria, the main harbor of the island, in the middle of the West Coast. Pines, cypresses, olive trees and even countless species covering the hillsides, on which is built the village, in the shadow of a medieval castle and the Byzantine Monastery of Saint George of Skyros. It is a typical architectural style of the islands of the Aegean Sea, in a particularly interesting local color.
You can visit the Faltaits museum during your stay on the island. It contains unique pieces of Greek history and local tradition of the island.
            In the Archaeological Museum of Skyros you can observe all the history periods of the island without missing the famous local horse. In the museum we will find a clay vase on top of it with two of those horses. No wonder that these beautiful animals are one of the oldest and rarest in the world. Indeed, tradition dictates that Achilles stayed at Skyros in order to avoid the Trojan War but finally he began from Achilli using those famous horses. Also these horses were carved by Phidias on the Parthenon frieze.Skyros is famous for the horses, marble and these livestock products. The typical craft embroidery is used to decorate the house and the traditional costumes of Skyros. The Skyrian furniture is world famous, and the ceramic potteries of the island are a work of art.
            The carnival of Skyros has many traditional elements and primitive roots in Greek mythology. The most interesting forms is the Old man, the Korela, Frankos. TheThree Boukes before the naval base, the tomb of the poet (who loved Greece) Roubert Brouk, the British naval officer, dead and buried at this place at the age of 28 years.
Very close to the capital, is the neighborhood “Magazia” which has one of the most beautiful beaches in the island. South Molos, Pera Kambos and the tourist village of Aspous that is between Skyros and Linaria are places that are worth to see. You must also visit the Agios Nicolas church, which is carved into the rock on the North side of the island.
            The monastery of St. George of Skyros, probably founded in the 13 th century was an independent abbey, under the leadership of Patriarch of Constantinople “Saint George saved the city.” This is the explanation that gives some people for the event, the fact that only the monastery was severely damaged by the 2001 earthquake.
Specialties of the local cuisine of the island is the lobster, the roast lamb and other dishes such as pie oil “Skyros ksynotyro” or “teroptaria petnes” with Macaroni (macaroni with rooster), beans of Skyros and cheeses.
            Skyros has connections to both sea and air. Linaria port has a daily connection to Evia and the port of Kimi by the company ETAP SKYROS Maritime (Skyros Shipping Co.) with Achilles ferry.
            Skyros has an airport in the northern part of the island. The Skyros Airport is about 17 km from the city.
            Skyros is an island full of beautiful beaches that gives excitement to visitors and there are beaches for all tastes. In the northern part of the island, you can swim on the beaches of Pefkos, Agios Fokas and Atsitsa. The road is one of the most beautiful protected pine forest area of the island, is crossed by a dirt road. Pefkos with its long sandy beach and is surrounded pine-covered slopes, is interspersed by the old marble quarry. The small pebbled beach Agios Fokas is distinguished by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and rich vegetation that reaches the sea. The strangely shaped rocks are founded opposite a small island with stone pillars. These are the remains of the cable car which was built in the 1900s to transport ore mines on the mountain and adds a beautifully paradoxical landscape element. None of these three beaches have umbrellas or other services, and none are crowded even in summer. Aspous beach is sandy, lined with pine trees, small umbrellas, and relatively quiet. Kalamitsa then, is one of the largest and most popular beaches on the island and a favorite destination for windsurfers, with significant winds from the north. After Kalamitsa you can find the deserted beach of Kolybada and well beyond it the beach Renes, with thick pebbles that are ideal for snorkeling. You will surely need a 4×4 car to reach it.
            At the bottom of the city, the long beaches continue to Magazia and Molos, with small pebbles and crystal blue waters. Kyra Pagania and Kalogria are some gorgeous beaches near by. Especially in the afternoon it is better to have an umbrella because of the tree undergrowth.


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